Ansible for Tor Network Webtunnel Bridges

With this Ansible role, you can install, configure, and operate Webtunnel bridges on the Tor network


  • Support for Debian Bookworm
  • Works with the Caddy web server
  • Compatible with Ansible 2.9 or higher

Role Usage

For other types of Ansible installation methods: Guide installation

Downloading the role from the Galaxy repository

ansible-galaxy install nvjacobo.webtunnel

Creation of the playbook site.yml

    - hosts: webtunnel
         webtunnel_path: --------------------
         webtunnel_name: --------------------
         - nvjacobo.webtunnel

The variable webtunnel_domain is the domain name previously assigned to our server. Meanwhile, webtunnel_path can be generated using the following command.

echo $(cat /dev/urandom | tr -cd "qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmMNBVCXZLKJHGFDSAQWERTUIOP0987654321"|head -c 24)

For the webtunnel_mail variable, we put our contact email. Finally, for webtunnel_name, we place the name we chose for the bridge.

Creación del fichero con nuestro inventario


Corremos nuestro libro de jugadas

ansible-playbook -i inventory site.yml -u root

Or with sudo

ansible-playbook -i inventory site.yml -u nombre-de-user -b


To update to the latest available version of Webtunnel, it’s necessary to run our playbook.

ansible-playbook -i inventary site.yml -u root

Or with sudo

ansible-playbook -i inventario site.yml -u nombre-de-user -b